Iraq Paradise Company for Financial Services for Banks Limited

About Us

The company was established in Iraq to provide multiple financial services to the banking sector with approval
The Central Bank of Iraq and the Companies Registration Department, with a capital of (10) ten billion
Iraqi dinars, and our company is considered the first company in Iraq to practice this activity and provide its services
different banks.

The company operates in accordance with international best practices in providing financial services to its clients And 24 hours a day, seven days a week, through a technical support team at the company's center

Our mission, vision and goals

Services provided by the company to the banking sector

Providing integrated stations in selected locations to install ATMs ATM
Holding training courses on the use, filling and maintenance of ATMs ATM by professional technical staff for bank employees.
Insurance on all ATMs and the cash they contain An insurance policy issued by the Iraqi insurance company against fire and accidents.
Sale of automatic teller machines (ATM).
ATM maintenance
Using the latest devices and technologies in the field of automated teller machines (ATMs).
ATM rental

The company set out to provide financial services and products from the capital, Baghdad, with the preparation of a plan Futuristic expansion during the next phase to all governorates to achieve the special vision with the company.

Contracting with Jannat Al-Iraq Company for Security Services and Private Guards Limited for next purposes

Providing 24-hour security protection for stations that contain devices ATM
Protection insurance for transferring funds to ATMs at a reduced rate
Providing security and logistical support to the company throughout

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